"Simply better service"


Electronic security:

Customized electronic security to meet your needs with turnkey operation and easy operation and reliability being the bottom line. 

Intelligent video surveillance:

Martin Communications - Intelligent video surveillance

From basic analog to HD(high definition) video surveillance we provide a fully customized approach to meet your security needs including full video analytics for quicker human response.

Fire Alarms:

All systems are UL and NFPA compliant.

Access Control:

From simple prox reader card pass to biometrics or retina scan we do it better than James Bond.

Data Cabling:

Providing authorized CAT5, CAT6 and Fibre cabling.

Drone security surveillance:

We provide 24hr "Top Gun" drone high definition recorded surveillance for private parties, personal,business or corporate threat/terrorist situations watching for potential unwanted vehicle or public intrusions.

24/7 Computer CYBERguard :

Martin Communications - 24/7 Computer CYBERguard

Providing 24hr business computer protection includes, anti-spyware, malware, anti-virus, also anti-ransomware software protecting your personal and business information with daily updates and automatic patches to keep you secure. This package includes our 24hr daily "hands free" encrypted secured Back-up. Also, due to the potential threat of onsite damage to your valuable records due to hackers, fire, theft, or water damage.....NO NEED TO WORRY ABOUT MANUAL COMPUTER BACKUP!